TipCharger Systems

TipCharger system, available in 8-, 96- and 384-channel format.

The TipCharger system uses IonField IonPlasma technology to clean pipette tips for 8-, 96- and 384-channel liquid handlers and 384 and 1536 pin tools. Whether it is to remove compounds in DMSO or to decontaminate DNA/RNA samples, the TipCharger system is the most effective plasma treatment device available. The Novartis JALA article summarizes the use of TipCharger in many drug discovery screening assays.

Like a conventional washing station, pipette tips are lowered into the TipCharger cleaning station for approximately 30 seconds of direct plasma exposure.  After treatment, tips or pins are ready for immediate re-use. Download TipCharger User Guide for set up and system requirements. Note that no interface is required for operation. When tips are presented to the TipCharger cleaning station, they break a light beam and the system turns on. The station turns off when the tips are removed. While the plastic tips are in the cleaning station, liquid handlers are programmed to run a mix to pull the plasma into the pipet tip. One microplate holder is used for installation.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces pipette tip usage by >90%
  • Decontaminates and Plasma Treats pipette tips in 30 seconds
  • Reduces plastic waste management cost
  • Extends liquid handler run capacity as only one position is dedicated for pipette tips

TipCharger TC-8

The 8-channel TipCharger system works with 8-channel pipetting systems, such as the Tecan Freedom EVO series.

TipCharger TC-96

The 96-channel TipCharger system cleans 96 tips simultaneously for 96-channel pipetting systems such as Agilent Bravo or Hamilton Robotics MICROLAB STAR.

TipCharger TC-384

The 384-channel TipCharger system cleans 384 tips simultaneously for high-throughput pipetting systems like Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP and PerkinElmer Sciclone.

TipCharger TC-1536

The 1536-channel TipCharger system cleans a 1536 pintool for high-throughput pipetting systems.