IonField’s products all employ our method of converting electrical energy into a room temperature, atmospheric pressure plasma. This method saturates room air with energy, making it a highly reactive cleaning agent that oxidizes anything organic on contact. Contamination is ionized to CO2, H2O and other gases, filtered and vented along with the post plasma gas.

Our products improve lab efficiency, reduce consumable expenses and minimize the generation of hazardous waste. IonField Systems is at the forefront of the plastic waste revolution. The current practice of using once and throwing away microplates and pipette is wasteful and inefficient.

Our solutions can also improve your assay reliability and consistency. Contact us directly for the latest data.

We offer two product lines –

PlasmaKnife – Cleans virtually any shallow or standard depth microplate.  We offer the option to purchase an automation-friendly system, or by sending us your microplates to process at our Service Center. We arrange pick up, provide packaging, plasma treat your microplates and return them cleaner than new. Scroll down or click here to go to the PlasmaKnife product/data page.

TipCharger – Cleans pipette tips in any format, pin tools in 384 and 1536 format with our automation friendly units that sit right on your liquid handler in a standard microplate holder. Scroll down or click here to go to the TipCharger product/data page.

New Product: PlasmaKnife

Key Benefits of the PlasmaKnife Process

  • Microplates are super cleaned, twice – first by a powerful rinse followed by treatment with 5000 volts of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

  • The process is effective with virtually all types of microplates

  • Microplates are clean, dry and ready for immediate reuse

  • Surface imperfections and chemicals that may interfere with assay results are reduced or eliminated

The PlasmaKnife™ is an automation-ready, multi-module microplate recycling system that will improve your lab’s efficiency. Fewer microplates that you use over and over means you inventory a fraction of the number of plates you do now, have no microplates going into the hazardous waste bins, are not spending your time tracking usage to know when to reorder and your consumables expenses are going down.

During extensive testing, on repeat use 1536 HTS screening plates were indistinguishable from new. IonField has tested microplates from many labs. There is a high probability we have tested the microplates you use. Contact us for the most current information users have shared with us.

Don’t use enough microplates to justify purchase? We also offer customers access to the same technology at our PlasmaKnife Service Center. You can simply ship us your dirty microplates in the boxes we provide and we will ship them back to you plasma treated, with new bar codes and repacked like new -for a fraction of the cost of a new plate!

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New Product: 1536 PinTool TipCharger

1536 PinTool TipCharger

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration
  • 100% SBS complaint
  • No software interface
  • Fast Cleaning. Solvent dips to dry pins in 60 to 90 seconds

Like a conventional pin tool cleaning process, pins are lowered into one or two solvents for 30 seconds, then lowered into the 1536 TipCharger for 30 seconds. Pins come out plasma treated, dry and ready for immediate re-use.

Superior contamination removal with increased throughput. Get the most throughput out of your automation with TipCharger.

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