IonField Systems aims to dramatically reduce the costs associated with disposable labware and minimize all related waste products, including the packaging and shipping materials.

We currently offer the TipCharger line for pipette tips. As everyone knows, pipette tips don’t weigh very much. However there are considerable packaging materials, and the time associated with unpacking and trashing those materials. Fortunately most manufacturers have reengineered it so everything is recyclable but there is still the case box, the box of 10, and the rack tops and bottoms. Most labs lose 5 to 10% of the lab work day moving in racks, unpacking, and set up of labware on liquid handlers and their reverse to shutdown. If you reuse your pipette tips, you’re saving both time and money.

We are developing a new product called PlasmaKnife for microplates. Microplates tend to have less packaging but after use, the weight and cubic volume going to hazardous waste is substantial. Most labs do not empty the wells so there is both the plastic and the liquid from the assay in the waste stream.

Longer term, IonField has a number of “what’s next” ideas in our development queue. Currently the company is focusing on new IP and technology that will be needed for the new products and improvements to our existing line up.