TipCharger Classic

TipCharger Classic 8 Channel

The original TipCharger. Designed specifically for use with metal cannula or long slender pipette tips.

The Classic 8 works well with volumes between 50uL and 200 uL depending on the liquid handler you intend to install on.:


  • Tecan
  • Hamilton
  • Beckman
  • PerkinElmer
  • and most other single and 8 channel table top liquid handlers

TC-8 close shot


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Recommended Tips

The TipCharger Classic 8 works well with bare metal or ceramic coated cannula. Because the plasma will breakdown organic material, Teflon coated cannula should not be used. There are a few companies that product titanium cannula and those can be used too. We recommend that any tip use be electropolished on the inside surface.

Common Applications

The TipCharger Classis uses IonField’s proven plasma treatment technology in a design optimized for long cannula. The plasma can clean over 50 mm of the outside surface by slowly lowering the cannula through the plasma.

The most common applications for the TipCharger Classis are:


  • Removing DNA and RNA
  • Removing Cellular Material
  • Assay material requiring extensive washing or bleach to remove

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System Limitations

The Classic 8 when used with a syringe pump and fluid filled lines will lose pipetting precision as the volume increases. The air gap must be greater than the fluid transfer otherwise the fluid in the line will pick up contamination before the plasma can remove it from the line. Doing small volume transfers this is not an issue.