R² Recycling

R²-Recycling – Our Corporate Mission

Our products, The TipCharger and PlasmaKnife, allow you to Recover and Renew pipette tips and microplates. R²-Recycling is not like traditional recycling where you collect your recyclable wastes and send them off to be reused. By recovering and reusing your own waste, you are recycling in place. That’s what R²-Recycling is all about – all that stuff you throw away after one use has a lot of life left in it.

The benefits of R²-Recycling are obvious. The amount of waste generated is cut by over 90%, as are your costs for pipette tips and microplates. IonField’s R²-Recycling turns your trash labware into cash. 

Reliable and proven effective, TipCharger is the fast, simple way to reduce pipette tip usage. For most labs, TipCharger takes the same time as swapping the used tips for new ones. The PlasmaKnife can be used within a work cell or off line with a pick and place robot feeding the two modules. Renewed plates come out of the PlasamKnife about one every 45 seconds. Both are simple to operate and since our process is based on physics, it’s ultra reliable like gravity and light.  


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